International  training school


Detecting animal movements with weather radar


20-22 Feb 2017, Rome

 Radar School - Rome 2017












About the school

In this training school you will learn the practical skills to understand, access, visualize, screen, and process weather data yourself. You will acquire the basic knowledge and practical experience needed to use weather radar in your research to answer questions in movement ecology.
This school is an initiative of ENRAM (European Network for the Radar surveillance of Animal Movement).
ENRAM is an Action initiated by the COST Programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) from October 2013 until October 2017.

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Aims of the training school

During the training we will work on the skills and knowledge for you to:

-understand of the basics of weather radar theory

-identify biological radar signatures and distinguish them from other sources (e.g. precipitation, clutter), and to distinguish birds from insects.

-quantify and visualize biological signatures in weather radar data

-quantify animal flight speeds, directions and densities aloft from radar data.

-understand the benefits of weather radar as a tool, and the types of ecological questions it can help answer












Target group

The target group of this course are scientists (professionals and students) interested in using weather radar data as part of their research toolkit. The course is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

In case of too many applications, candidates will be selected according to the time of application and geographic distribution.












      • Adriaan Dokter (USA)
      • Phil Stepanian (USA)
      • Hidde Leijnse (Denmark)
      • Jarmo Koistinen (Finland)
      • Thomas Alerstam (Sweden)
      • Hong Qijan Fen (China)
      • Robb Diehl (USA)
      • Jeff Buler (USA)
      • Alistair Drake (Australia)











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TERNA Campus, via Marcigliana, Rome

meeting point for navette to Campus at Metro Conca D’Oro @8:30 am